Mer-Sea & Co. - Kismet Tube hand Cream

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"Meant to be."

Mer-Sea & Co. began with a single candle in a handmade bag. They are grateful for every step along their journey - each twist and turn a part of our destiny. And so they honor this adventure with their new scent, Kismet, because every moment on their path is "meant to be." This intoxicating scent pays homage to the classic jasmine blossom. Paired with rose, currant, mandarin and wood for a complex garden bouquet that will captivate your home. 

— Moisturizing shea butter lotion. Perfect for any bathroom or kitchen.

— The rich lotion is made carefully with nothing but the best ingredients—shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and our fragrances.

— Signature charm makes them perfect gifts.

— 8 oz. glass bottles.

— Never tested on animals.

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